WHAT IS UCC (Ultimate Close Combat)



Ultimate Close Combat (UCC) is first and foremost a holistic combat concept and do not persist of coherent technique packages, which interferes a illusion to the student about his skills. But in a real situation this will not work successfully.

The principals of the UCC are based on middle age European and Asian swordarts. These sword arts are modified to perform the concepts with sticks, knifes, every day objects (bunch of keys, ashtray, etc.). Finally it work also with empty hands in a high efficient way.

We put a special emphasis to the psychologic training, because the best techniques have no effect if you collapse in stress situations.

In the long run everyone develop the neccessary serenety and peace of mind to be positioned strategic optimal within a crisis situation.




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Training and workshops for Task Forces, Security Forces, Stuntmen, Actors, Companies and Induvidual Groups will be offered under individual terms and conditions.

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