UCC-Headquarter Hamburg
Barkhausenweg 11
22339 Hamburg - Hummelsbüttel






Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
5.00-6.00 pm
Thai- Boxing
5.00-6.00 pm
Thai- Boxing
5.00-6.30 pm
Thai- Boxing
5.00-6.30 pm
Thai- Boxing
5.00-6.00 pm
Thai- Boxing
from 12 pm.
Free Training
6.00 pm
6.30-8.00 pm
6.30-8.00 pm
Start 6.45 pm
6.00-7.00 pm
7.30-9.00 pm
8.00-9.30 pm
Thai- Boxing 
     6.30-8.00 pm



Normal Group - Fees

 35 € - 40 € - per month


Privat Training - Fees

1h - 1 Person - 50€ 

1h - 2 Person - 40€ / per person

1h - 3 Person - 35€ / per person

1h - 4 Person - 20€ / per person




Training - Details

Group Class Advantages
  1. Experience is not required. The concepts are developed in a way that erveryone can everytime beginn without any knowledge. Independent of the degree of fitness- or mental level, it is possible to learn the concepts from the first day.
  2. The variety of different group classes a maximal trainings time will be guaranteed
  3. You can not choose the compaditor at the street. In the group classes it is possible to learn on how to handle the concepts with partners of different fitness level and growth. This shall cover the variety of possible opportunities on what can come up on the street
  4. One of the major interests of the UCC trainer and trainees is the goal to find their own style and precision. Use the group classes to be a part of it.


Privat Class Advantages

  1. The concepts in the privat classes are 100% compareable to the Group Classes. The difference in the privat classes is the direct feedback about the execution of the concepts from the trainer, because he knows how the feel and the visual nature need to be. In the group classes is the opportunity that you or your partner small mistakes do not detect. At the end this will lead into bad habits.
  2. Furthermore for the group classes it is not neccessary to have any experience or prelimenary knowlwdge. The Concepts will be presented in a common way. This matter of fact spreds the way to the success. In the private classes the trainer can be respond to the needs and this will maximize the overall training success
  3. In the private classes it is possible to choose the time slot for the training free (in the afternoon or in the evening).
  4. If you normally participate to the group classes, you can improve particular aspects in a qualitative way with a couple of private class trainings.


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Training and workshops for Task Forces, Security Forces, Stuntmen, Actors, Companies and Induvidual Groups will be offered under individual terms and conditions.

In case of interest please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us under this link. 





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