Since a wise man said: "Take the good and forget the bad." Along this guideline the two founder Axel Wagener and Heiko Lempio have been developed the UCC.

On their way as matial artists, soldier or bodyguard they gathered extensive knowlege in the reams of operations which offers unequalled opportunities. This aknowlege and their experience supply the essence of the UCC. Only the one who know about the reality, can successfully cross the endangerment.

There is no requirement for regimentals and no use of graduations from our side, in most of the cases this stuff is only used for rip-off and it has no "significance". Rather, in case of interest, each one can chek and compare his skills and his advancements every Friday with Boxers, Thai- and Kickboxers and other UCC-Fighters in the sparring. There is also the opportunity to test your skills at the weapon, with adequate protection clothes and soft sticks, in a fullcontact training.

To the lerners of the UCC are counting people from all areas of the life, Police Officers, Doctors, Lawyers, Secutity Experts as also only Martial Art intersted people.

Due to the fact taht we pay special attention to fairness, troublemakers are nobodys for us. Only if we are fair and accurate to each other, we will get steepenning incentives and we will be more improved and get more strength.

The training will be held in a well a cute atmosphere.


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Training and workshops for Task Forces, Security Forces, Stuntmen, Actors, Companies and Induvidual Groups will be offered under individual terms and conditions.

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