The UCC-Headquarter Hamburg/Germany is a institution to learn selfdefence, reality orientated martial arts and their efficient strategies.

We offer individual training and we do not make any eyewashing mass production to earn your bugs. Who is more interessted in personal individual development and to selfdefend in the real live within scary, danger and apparent desperate situatios instead of build-up graduation symbols and magical tricks without any emphasis, has knocked on the right door.

Our members are people with a good understanding of fairness. This is one of the main things where this gym is attaching importance to.

Thats the reason why we reserve us the right to single out the right students for us.




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Training and workshops for Task Forces, Security Forces, Stuntmen, Actors, Companies and Induvidual Groups will be offered under individual terms and conditions.

In case of interest please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us under this link. 





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BRAND NEW: The book "Zwischen Gesetz und Überleben" from Axel Wagener under the link: http://www.trolsen.de/ 

Hamburgs most famouse Bouncer tells the story of his experience/adventures. Funny, entertaining, exciting and as well instuctive. Here available in the shop area or in all German book stores.